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Crisis in Japan

Posted on 3/17/2011 12:44 PM


In this difficult time of crisis; our hearts are with the people of Japan. 
My Plumber Heating and Cooling advocates for causes, donates food and clothing and raises funds “in house”. We also provide a great deal of “in kind” service for the communities we serve.
We can’t accept charitable donations from anyone outside our own organization; we are not set up for that. What we can do is provide news of organizations that do accept donations. Here is a list of a few that we consider a “safe bet” for your money :
World Vision
Save the Children
Salvation Army
American Red Cross
If we hear other news about how we can help our friends in Japan we will share those resources with you. If you come across a good, practical suggestion that will offer help to the Japanese, feel free to let us know at

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