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Avoid a Wet Basement Disaster

Posted on 3/9/2011 12:38 PM


Local meteorologist are predicting 3-5 more inches of rain over the next couple of days for Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland. This is not good news. The ground is already water saturated and we have experienced some flooding.
Area plumbing companies are gearing up for the deluge of telephone calls they will receive for flooded basements and broken sump pumps. My Plumber Heating and Cooling would like to offer the following preventive checkup that homeowners can perform, themselves to ensure that their home sump pump drainage system is in good operating order.
Pour several gallons of water through the sump pit. If the sump pump engages and the water disappears, then the sump pump is in good working order and should be able to handle most excessive rain water.
If the water stands in the pit and does not disappear but the sump pump engages (makes noise) gently shake the discharge pipe to make sure that the float is not stuck. If that does not work call one of My Plumber’s experienced professionals. 
If the water stands in the pit and the sump pump does not engage (remains silent) check your power cord. Sometimes the plug comes loose and causes the unit to fail. If the power cord is plugged in properly then check your breaker box, make sure the breaker switch is engaged.   
If you find that your sump pump is not working and you need the services of a plumber...that’s half the battle. The other half is choosing a professional in whom you can place your trust.
To request for one of My Plumber’s professional service technicians to call on you dial (866) 4my-plumber (469-7586).   To learn more about the company visit us online at

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