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Posted on 11/19/2010 11:36 AM

A gentleman from Accokeek Md. recently wrote to us and asked:


I am unhappy with the company that I currently have a heating and A/C repair contract with.  I was wondering if you offered contracts that for an annual fee provided a heating inspection in the fall and an A/C inspection in the spring and provided a reduced cost for repairs.  We have been with the same company for 8 years however the technicians they have been providing have been doing substandard work of late that resulted in our system failing 2 weeks after the inspection 3 times in a row, all due to missing problems.  We are looking for a new and reliable company to provide all services for our systems.


Our Answer


Sir, we have the kind of program you are asking about, with some pretty incredible side benefits. Our Priority Club offers three preventive checks a year, one for each of your systems (heating, cooling and plumbing) in addition to a fantastic bundle of services and perks available only to you, as a Priority Club member.
Some of these services include:
·         Extended Same Day Service Hours – Call before 2PM Monday – Friday and before 10AM Saturday and Sunday
·         Waive the Plumbing Dispatch Fee
·         Double your Discounts, up to $200
·         Concierge Service! Each member gets a concierge phone number to call, and receive Priority service
·         Over $2,200 in Coupon Savings – available only to Priority Club members
You can look at our Priority Club online at our website.   The address is   and if you have any questions our customer service agents will be happy to help you at 1-866-469-7586


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