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Wet Weather May be on the Way to Metro D.C. Area

Posted on 9/2/2010 12:44 PM

September 2, 2010 - It looks as though Hurricane Earl will bypass Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland with just a little rain on Friday.  But when it comes to the weather you never can tell what will happen.  For our customers who live in low-lying areas and rely on a sump pump to keep their basement dry, we would like to offer the following information...just in case. 

Before we get the torrential rains that can accompany a hurricane please check your sump pump's functionality. 

  • Is your sump pump properly plugged in?
  • Check your breaker box.  Is the power supply functioning?
  • Gently shake the discharge pipe; this will loosen the mercury float if it is stuck from the lack of use.

You can decrease the chances of a sump pump emergency if you run a frequent check of your sump pump system.  This can be done by pouring a bucket of water through the system to make sure it is working.  Sump pumps can prevent expensive flooding damage, but only if they are working with the rains come. 

If, despite everything your sump pump should fail, please remember to stay out of the water.  Water in a basement can be charged by an electrical outlet or wire and can present a danger of injury or death.  If you do have standing water in your basement, please call a professional and stay dry until you receive an all clear.         


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