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Posted on 5/21/2010 8:54 AM

A Customer Has a Question for My Plumber 


Recently we received an email from a customer of ours.  He asked us to settle a difference of opinion he had with his wife and we were happy to oblige.  The email question follows:

  “My wife and I always use My Plumber for our plumbing needs and I was wondering if you could settle a little dispute we are having. I have started trying to help more around the house since she started her new job and part of my job is the laundry.  After I dry clothes I like to hang them as quick as I can to keep the wrinkles out, then I hang the hanger on an exposed drain pipe in the basement ceiling. My wife says that this is a bad idea that it will hurt the plumbing and we will have to have you guys back out. Is she right about that? It doesn’t seem to me that a couple of shirts, a dress and two pairs of pants should cause a problem for the pipes.”

My Plumber's Reply:

First, we commend you for sharing the household duties. But we have to agree with your wife on this one. Plumbing pipes are not designed to carry additional weight. Over time, the added stress of a little laundry will weaken connections and loosen fasteners, causing the pipes to leak.
We recommend purchasing a rolling laundry cart that has a bar across the top. The bar is designed for hanging clothes and will keep items wrinkle-free until you can get them to the folding table. Laundry carts are affordable and widely available, and could save you from hearing “I told you so.”
*If you have a general plumbing, heating or air condidioning question, please write to us at and request a blog reply.  We will be happy to answer. 


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