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Spotlight on Jennifer Tierney

Posted on 12/30/2010 12:18 PM

Spotlight On

Lead Coordinator - Jennifer Tierney (Pictured Left)
Jennifer Tierney is My Plumber Heating and Cooling’s Lead Coordinator for their busy HVAC and Sewer divisions.  She coordinates visits by the sales rep for the HVAC division and arranges for customers to receive the free video of interior of their sewer offered when we clear any main-line stoppage.
Sound easy?   Spend a few minutes in Jennifer’s shoes and you would change your mind quickly. Juggling the comfort consultants and sewer specialist’s schedules, to meet our customers’ needs is not easy. Jennifer cannot hold a three minute conversation without her cell phone ringing or an overhead page calling out her name. 
The woman is in high demand and she meets that demand well; fortified by a life history as a U.S. Marine brat.  Her family moved around – a lot. In fact, by Christmas of her 7th grade school career, Jennifer had been in three different school systems. She has said that it was a good thing that she had 1 brothers and 2 sisters so close in age, because without them she would have never had friends. Jennifer is not complaining, it prepared her for the constant changes that she handles so well now.
           Of all the skills that Jennifer has developed over the years, she values her super-shopper abilities, the most. She manages to feed her family on $125 a week for four people (including lunch, every day). “I save money, but I don’t sacrifice on quality or quantity.” She scours the sales flyers and clips coupons, every week, instead.

            Jennifer Tierney is a My Plumber Heating and Cooling asset.  

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