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Beware the Pumpkin on Halloween

Posted on 10/28/2011 3:20 PM


Virginia plumbing professionals and the Maryland plumbers at My Plumber Heating and Cooling would like to remind readers to beware the pumpkin during the upcoming holiday. Pumpkin is starchy and stringy; a combination that is designed to either jam a home garbage disposal or clog a kitchen drain-line. 
“The technicians tell me, whether they are in Fairfax plumbing or plumbing Springfield, the results are the same. If the homeowner uses the garbage disposal to get rid of pumpkin rind, pulp or seeds; sooner or later there will be a jammed garbage disposal or a clogged kitchen drain to contend with.” Said Susan E. Phillips, Community Outreach Coordinator “the best thing you can do with pumpkin leftovers is to wrap them up in newspaper and throw them in the trash.”
“Except for the seeds” she added “they are such a nutritionally, power-packed treat that wasting them is just a shame.”    She recommends instead, that they be harvested and toasted and even provides the following recipe courtesy of My Plumber Heating and Cooling.
My Plumber Heating and Cooling’s
Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
1.        Preheat oven to 400Õ
2.        Separate seeds from pumpkin pulp, rinse and dry on paper towels
3.       Scatter pumpkin seeds on a shallow baking sheet leaving space between each seed
4.       Drizzle with olive oil
5.       Add salt, pepper and a favorite seasoning mix or single herb (we like rosemary or garlic)
6.       Bake for 7-10 minutes until seeds are light brown and crispy
7.       Cool and enjoy 
My Plumber Heating and Cooling’s Virginia plumbing pros and Maryland plumbers along with all the management and staff would like to offer you this little reminder.... Pumpkin, potatoes, rice and noodles are all starches that turn into glue in the homeowner’s kitchen drain-line.  Celery and other fibrous vegetables, carrot and onion peels will all jam the garbage disposal blades. These food waste items are best disposed of by wrapping them in newspapers and consigning them to the trash can.     

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